today i know.

i thought i was happy then. i really did.
i thought life was like that. hard. black. hopeless.
today i know something else.
that happiness. was just a fake skin.
a pokerface. that i believed in.
a smiling girl. just trying to make space between herself and the rest of the world.
so she could be all alone.
that life. that hard. dark. hell. life.
a life without visible problems.
without being a fucking disaster.
cause i learned, if you're smiling.
everything is okej.
then nobody cares.
nobody will see your inside scars.
if you just smile.
but today i know. something else.
i know i can smile.
i can smile for real. yes i can.
but i can cry too.
and i can confess. my weak sides.
and i can live with it. 
i will never be perfect.
i will never be fuss-free.
i will never be the best. the greatest. the star. for someone.
i will never be like you want me to be.
i will just be me.
me. myself. and i.
the star. for me. in my life.

Julia säger:

Blir så peppad av att se alla dina framsteg!!

2013-07-28 | 13:54:51

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